The Three Levels of Successful Copy Writing to Drive Students to Your Doors!


dreamstime_xl_29795734There are three levels of copy writing for martial arts marketing success!

Level one which few people ever get past is your basic turning features into benefits
Martial arts helps you lose weight!
Martial arts improves confidence in kids!

Level two is a more conversational approach of the same thing
I just started to take martial arts lessons and I have already lost five pounds
Jason started taking martial arts lessons about three months ago and we have seen a remarkable increase in his confidence.

Level three is story telling: A good story can increase response exponentially

I have never admitted this to anyone but I was depressed. Blame it on the post baby blues, the sleepless nights or the divorce but I was feeling down, over weight and unmotivated. My friend Mary had been taking martial arts for a few months and literally dragged me along to a class. I thought I would hate it but I was wrong. Sure at first I felt a little awkward but in just one month I lost five pounds, found new motivation and even met a nice guy I have a new confidence in myself that’s paying off at work, in fact I just got a small raise. Life is good again!


It’s hard for a parent to watch their child underperform, heck who am I kidding fail would be a better word. Jason just didn’t seem to have the confidence to excel at anything. He was always picked last for the teams. His teachers said he never raised his hand in class and his grades where never better than average. Then something quite remarkable happened his friend Matt took him to karate class something I was sure he would hate. But I was wrong he loved it and started going twice a week. I guess the first thing I noticed was a change in his body language suddenly there was a quiet confidence I had never seen. His grades slowly but surely started to climb and he was no longer left on the bench for his team sports. I am not sure exactly what it was about his martial arts lessons that flicked the switch from Jason but I have heard allot of the other parents say similar things about their kids. Whatever it was the confidence he has now is priceless!

Now imaging using these stories on dedicated landing pages and targeting key demographics and you dramatically boost response again! martial arts marketing at master level.